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How to create shopify store gig

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Gig Title

Note: Use any 1 out of these

  • create a shopify store
  • setup a shopify store
  • build a shopify store
  • create an eCommerce store for you on shopify
  • setup an eCommerce store for you on shopify
  • build an eCommerce store for you on shopify
  • create your professional shopify store
  • setup your professional shopify store
  • build your professional shopify store
  • create high converting shopify store
  • setup high converting shopify store
  • build high converting shopify store
  • professionally design and setup your shopify store
  • design new or customize existing shopify store
  • setup profitable shopify store
  • build profitable shopify store
  • manage your shopify store
  • upload products in shopify and update inventory
  • setup shopify dropshipping website
  • build shopify dropshipping website
  • create shopify dropshipping website with money making products
  • create a functional and high quality shopify store




E-Commerce Development








Note: Use any 5 out of these

  • shopify
  • shopify store
  • shopify expert
  • shopify website
  • ecommerce
  • sell products
  • online store
  • conversion
  • dropshipping
  • shopify site
  • dropshipping site
  • dropship shopify
  • store
  • stores
  • shop
  • shops
  • shopify shop
  • design
  • redesign
  • design shopify
  • redesign shopify
  • customize shopify
  • professional store
  • professional shop
  • online shop
  • eCommerce design
  • eCommerce development

Packages - Basic

Name Your Package

Note: Use any 1 out of these

  • Basic Shopify Store
  • Starter Shopify Store
  • Beautiful Shopify Store
  • Professional Shopify Store
  • High Converting Shopify Store
  • Dropshipping Shopify Store
  • Winning Shopify Store

Describe the details of your offering

Note: Use any 1 out of these

  • Basic store setup and design
  • A ready to go online store in shopify
  • Products ready shopify store
  • Ready to sell shopify store
  • An online store created in shopify with personalized banners and pictures
  • You will get a beautiful shopify store with products
  • Shopify theme with several products added

Delivery Time: 1 Day Delivery

Note: Check mark all these

Responsive Design
Content Upload
Setup Payment Gateway


Note: Use any 1 out of these

  • 30
  • 40
  • 50
  • 60
  • 70

Description & FAQ

Note: Use any 1 out of these

Description 1

You are looking for shopiy store that sells and engage the customers then you are on the right place.

What you will get in this shopify store gig

  • Theme setup
  • Hot winning products addition
  • Basic pages like privacy, shipping policy
  • Blog setup

Customer sanctification is guaranteed. 

Description 2

You will get great looking eCommerce store with ready to sell products. You can sell digital and physical products with shipping options using shopify.

Store will be full responsive with neat and clean look and feel. I will add several products which you can use to start selling.

I will add blog area with posts or articles based on your shopify store niche.

Description 3

I will create a neat and clean dropshipping store that will lead to conversions. It will have several products added and ready to sell.

Store will have

  • Neat and clean theme
  • Ready to sell products
  • Blog section
  • Privacy and shipping policy pages

I will add your custom domain to your shopify store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What you need to start the work?
Ans: I need your shopify store url and login details.

Q: Do i have to provide the products?
Ans: You can provide me products content if you have otherwise i can add products which you can sell as a dropshipper.

Q: Do i have to provide content for blog?
Ans: You can otherwise i will add the content myself by taking quality articles from ezine.

Q: How much time you will take to deliver?
Ans: Your shopify store will be ready in just 24 hours.

Q: How many products you will add?
Ans: I will add 20-30 products. 

Q: How many articles you will add?
Ans: I will add 4 articles to blog area. 


I need your shopify store url, your shopify email or username and password.

Answer Type: Free Text

Gallery - Gig Photos

Note: Use any 3 out of these

We removed images as it was causing gig rejections. Watch the next video and create gig images yourself.