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How to create resume design gig

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Gig Title

Note: Use any 1 out of these

  • design resume or CV
  • design perfect resume or CV
  • design a perfect CV or resume
  • create your professional resume
  • perform professional resume design
  • perform professional CV design
  • create a high quality resume
  • do a high quality resume
  • create professional resume design
  • deliver processional resume design
  • create, improve and design your resume
  • revamp a killer resume design
  • create the full executive resume
  • create your medical, engineering, arts resume
  • design job application design
  • create job application resume
  • provide resume design service
  • provide resume creation service
  • get you the job of your dreams through expert CV
  • create a resume with satisfaction guaranteed
  • create a polished, attractive resume or CV
  • prepare professional resume and CV
  • design resume and cover letter
  • create resume and cover letter










Note: Use any 5 out of these

  • resume
  • resume design
  • cv design
  • professional resume
  • professional cv
  • cover letter
  • cv
  • resume writer
  • resume writing
  • cv writer
  • cv writing
  • curriculum vitae
  • engineering
  • medical
  • arts
  • professional
  • engineering resume
  • medical resume
  • arts resume
  • real estate resume
  • interview
  • proof read
  • interviews
  • resumes
  • job interview
  • career change advice
  • career resume
  • career advice
  • job search
  • recruitment 
  • recruiter
  • job hunting 

Packages - Basic

Name Your Package

Note: Use any 1 out of these

  • One Page Resume
  • 1 Page Resume
  • Professional 1 Page Resume
  • One Pager That Lands The Interview
  • Cover Letter
  • 1 Page Modern Design
  • Modern Design Resume
  • Modern Design CV
  • Interview Lander Resume
  • Interview Lander CV

Describe the details of your offering

Note: Use any 1 out of these

  • This offers a job grabbing resume with professional design
  • Provide you an attention grabbing resume
  • This offers modern resume design that grabs the attention
  • Offering a resume design that lands the interview
  • Overhaul your entry level resume
  • Provide you with a quick one page resume to send out right away
  • Resume created and improved

Delivery Time: 1 Day Delivery


Note: Use any 1 out of these

  • 10
  • 15
  • 20
  • 25
  • 30
  • 35
  • 40
  • 45
  • 50

Description & FAQ

Note: Use any 1 out of these

Description 1

Looking for your first job out of college or university now then you are on the right place.

I will design a resume that will impress hiring managers and help you stand out as a candidate.

Professional resume designed and delivered within 24 hours. 

Description 2

I will make you look genius with the perfect resume and cover letter.

The gig includes

  • Professional resume design
  • Cover letter design
  • Modern design
  • Print ready file

This is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and maximize your changes of getting the job.

Description 3

Are you seeking the job of your dreams? To stand out from the crowd, an eye caching and professional resume play a an important role in winning the job.

100 % guaranteed satisfaction services includes

  • Modern and professional design
    Cover letter design
  • Achievement based resume that gets interviews
  • Print ready file

Getting your dream job is a big deal so don’t leave this chance and order my professional resume design service. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What language do you work?
Ans: Mainly English however you can let me know if you need resume designed in any other language. 

Q: What file is provided?
Ans: Print ready PDF 

Q: For which industry you provide resume design?
Ans: Medical, engineering, arts and any other industry you want to work in.

Q: How much time you will take to deliver?
Ans: Your resume will be ready in just 24 hours.

Q: In future if i need to change little information, would you help?
Ans: Yes sure i will, i will charge little amount for information change on same resume.

Q: How much information i can send you?
Ans: Try to send me as much information as you can. Normally try to send me 1-3 pages about you telling your skills, expertise etc.


Send me your photo, industry where you are applying, your education, your skills and expertise. If you have 2-3 pages document written about you just send me. 

Answer Type: Free Text

Gallery - Gig Photos

Note: Use any 3 out of these

We removed images as it was causing gig rejections. Watch the next video and create gig images yourself. 

Gallery - Gig PDFs

Note: Use any 2 out of these

We removed pdf’s as it was causing gig rejections. Watch the next video and create gig pdf’s yourself.